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How to Drive Safely When With Disability Most people find it difficult to get around the roads even when they do not have disabilities. It is not an overstatement to state that the disabled have to encounter several challenges when on the road. However, the challenges they face are surmountable. The disabled can drive from one place to the other using various resources available. There are different courses of action that can make your driving experience much friendly and life better. Some of the tips that you can use and help you on the road are discussed here. The first step is to get provided for. Some things will not be as usual when you become disabled and want to drive. The start of it is to look for providers that have products designed for people who have disabilities. For example you can take an insurance policy or car loan that is designed for people with disabilities. You may need to consider rehabilitation training in case you have lost the ability to use one limb. This is because the older methods that you know will not help now. The next step is to get a driving license. It is important to ensure that you get a driver assessment specialist. The assessment specialist will prepare a comprehensive list of the challenges that you could be facing. A specialist driving instructor will help you do the right preparation for the test.
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You will need to do some modifications to your car. A lot of changes has been done in the auto industry that is aimed at helping the disabled customers enjoy the rides. There are more technologies that are now available which makes it friendly for you to drive. There are options for the hands-only controls for acceleration and breaking instead of the pedals.Make sure that the car includes these modifications if you cannot use one or more limbs. You would face a lot of frustrations if you don’t get the right car and the mechanics who can deal with these extra functionalities.
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If you are in a wheelchair, making the vehicle access is your foremost concern. The space available in the car is worth consideration. Instead of trying to adapt to a regular minivan, you can buy the lowered floor minivans. These vans are highly customized for people with the wheelchair. These cars come with engaged ramps or elevators thereby making it easy to get into the car. Also, some vehicles have the step-and-roll seating which ease adjustment of the driver and front passenger seat. This makes it easy for the wheelchair user to access any part of the car. It is important that a disabled driver gets registered with the MDV. Each state has its provisions.