New Updates in BFA, Demon Hunter


New Updates in BFA, Demon Hunter


When creating the Demon Hunter class, which appeared in the game together with the “Legion” expansion, developers focused on the uniqueness of the mechanic. As a result, the players received the most mobile class with the possibility of a double jump, a dash called “Fel Rush”, planning from high ledges. Skills useful in the PVE leveling and especially PVP battles. Originality was emphasized by the presence of paired glaives – a unique weapon that can even be thrown into their enemies by the ability to “Glaive Throw”. For instant powerup Demon Hunters have the skill called “Metamorphosis”. He also stuns opponents when activated in the nearest radius for 3 seconds. From a visual point of view, turning into a demon looks beautiful.


In the new large-scale addition of “Battle for Azeroth”, the developers promised to emphasize the originality of all specializations. According to the first information from the beta tests, it can be concluded that they conducted work in this direction. Damage dealing specialization of Demon Hunters “Havoc” received a little more mobility and leads in leveling through rapid movements in combat. Talent “Demonic” allows you to more often use “Metamorphosis”. Bigger changes touched the branch of the tank “Vengeance”. Demon Hunters of this specialization no longer depend on random factors, due to which the rotation has greatly simplified. For example, a fragment of the soul is guaranteed to fall when using “Shear” or “Fracture”. According to forecasts, the class will quickly execute farm 110-120 and enjoy popularity in raids of epochal complexity.


With the introduction of the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, the developers share the process of leveling of the Alliance and the Horde. The first faction will explore the homeland of the sailors of Kul-Tiras, and the second will go to the cradle of the blood trolls of Zandalar. For the Alliance, the approximate flow chart will look like this:

  • Track to the Stormson Valley named for the homonymous house, quests from its representatives. The chain ends in the dungeon “Shining Storm”. Separate assignments are associated with the sea priests and the curse that they were overtaken.
  • The second ruling house, Waykrest and his ruler, will be associated with the plot of the Druchstar location. Players will learn about a dangerous alliance with ghosts, will meet during the pumping with crazy witches, druids. The dungeon of the “Wakecrest Manor” is present.
  • The territory of TiragardePomor is known for its huge number of pirate teams and other bandits, the capital of Boralus, which is a high-level dungeon, and also the house of Proudmoore. The mother of the same Jaina, Katrina, will issue some assignments.


When ordering boost 110-120 WoW, the leveling will be many times faster for the Alliance and the Horde. Demon Hunters of the second faction will pass on the original scheme on Zandalar in which it is included:

  • The storyline in Nazmir with a visit to the Necropolis and quests from Loa Bwonsamdi. Players will find out the causes of damage in this territory and clean up the dungeon “Pognilier”, in which the main secret is hidden.
  • In the capital Zuldazar against King Rastahan and his princess raised an uprising. The main story will be related to the investigation of its causes, the reconciliation of the parties or its suppression. On the location are available for stripping dungeons “Peace of the King” and “Atal’Dazar.”
  • The Voldun site is a desert land on which the armies of the Ancient Gods once fought. The tasks here are connected by vulgers, humanoid foxes and serpent-like snake-like people. The last hostile people and the underground “Temple Setrallys” are connected with it.


At the root of the mechanics of action for Demon Hunters has not changed, rotations and basic skills that make them almost invincible remained in place only with a small above-mentioned adjustment. Thus, tanks branch can easier to cope with large packs of enemies due to “Demonic Wards” (-20% damage, + 65% 75% armor endurance) and “FieryBrand” (40% damage). “Metamorphosis” with “Sigil of Silence” allows you to maintain the proper level of control. ” Soul Rending” is responsible for restoring health during an attack, in the “Battle for Azeroth”, its number is further increased. “Aura of Pain”, “Soul Bomb” – the main AoE skills for damage. The result is a mobile tank with decent damage, which can last a long time without the support of a healer. Damage dealing specialization “Havoc” has the same mobility, but with much greater damage. The skills “Demon Bite”, “Chaos Strike” are needed to attack and accumulate a resource of rage. “FelBarrage”, “Fury of theIllidari” are excellent reinforcements, “FelMastery” with the talent “Impulse” allows you to change the position without interrupting the rotation. It is also important to have other right talents – “Demonic Blades”, “Unleashed Power” and “First Blood”. As a result, the class deals tons of damage, and it is not necessary to monitor timers, debuffs and other aspects.

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